Battery Specification Capicity (Ah) Warranty Price in
SMF Battery
Designed for Deep Cycling Capabilities & Longer Service Life. Higher Reliability. Greater Protection against Leakage and Corrosion due to Heat Shield Tamper-proof lid. Excellent Charge Acceptance. Larger Electrolyte Volume Reduces Frequency of Water Topping. 200 Ah
MRP: 13000  
With old Battery: 13000
Without old Battery: 13000
Rocket SMF
Rocket Batteries
Specially mixed corrosion resistant alloy for spines & grids Tubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high performance for positive plates Specially made cross ribbed P.E. Separator Envelopes Electrolyte volume per AH is very much higher than ordinary Tubular batteries. Almost maintenance free battery Tower type design requires less floor space Specially designed vent plugs to trap water loss 200 Ah
24 Months
MRP: 21780  
With old Battery: 17645
Without old Battery: 19605
OB 200-12
Non fluid electrolyte with AGM technology and can operate in any position. Maintenance free and low self-discharge rate. No corrosive gas is generated during normal service. Cycle use and stand by use. 200 Ah
24 Months
MRP: 20790  
With old Battery: 17010
Without old Battery: 18900